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Which Frame Size?

We are often asked which bike frame size is required.

For Ladies, if you are under 5'6" (1.70m) we would recommend the small/medium frame and 5'7" (1.74m) and over, a medium/large frame.

For Men, If you are under 5'10" (1.80m) we would recommend the medium frame and over 5'10" (1.80m) the medium to large frame.

If you have unusually long (or short) legs, it's worth mentioning this to us when you book. Rest assured, when we deliver your bike, we will make any adjustments required to make it comfortable and, subject to availability, will usually have other sizes in store should you need to change.

For Children, we can only offer you a guide.

Ages 6-9 years a 20" wheel

Ages 8-12 years a 24" wheel.

If in doubt please visit your local bike dealer and ask for their advice before booking as children's height vary so much!